We generally work on an hourly consultation or flat fee design plan basis.  


Hourly consultations are for more discrete design dilemmas -- Can you help me figure out a layout for my space?  What paint colors should I paint my house?  Am I on the right track with my selections for my home renovation?  You get the idea. 


Our flat fee design plan work is when you need a full or mostly full set of furnishings or materials for your space.  

Check out our Bookings page for more information on costs and to book the service that is right for you!  Or just email us at nicole@nicolelanteri.com and we'll set up an initial call to help get you started and answer any questions you have. Most of our clients haven't worked with a decorator before so are a little wary of the process and costs and have a lot of questions! 


For past clients who are looking to work with us again, please just email or call us!

Note that we book new hourly consultations and initial calls about 10 days to 2 weeks out and the start of new flat fee design plan projects about 4 weeks out.  We schedule initial calls and hourly consultation meetings for Mondays, Fridays and Sundays.  Tuesdays - Thursdays we are fully focused on designing and running around mangaging our current projects.  Saturdays we rest!


Telephone: 703-909-8001

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PROJECT INQUIRY:  Please complete this if you are interested in working with us so that we can know more about your project. If you are also ready to book an hourly design consultation or initial call for full service design, please go ahead and click on "Book online" above.  

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