Our Story

Nicole Lanteri Design was founded in 2009 and is built on Nicole's self-taught experience creating fresh, lively, and tailored-but-lived-in spaces for today’s modern families. We are a small interior decorating firm that specializes in decorating for clients with busy lives who want to make smart and stylish choices for their homes. 


We offer practical, beautiful solutions. We are thorough in detail and thoughtful in selection. We help educate you on product offerings, costs, and caring for your items. We seek to manage expectations between you, vendors, trades, and our own team at the implementation phase. We never mark-up furnishings, and are transparent about our costs and time.  

Aesthetically, Nicole mixes colors, styles, and sources to create original and unique interiors that reflect each client’s particular lifestyle, personality, and budget. We love putting color in all of the right places, as well as creating a bespoke look and feel for your room. We use design books, images clients share with us and ideas we've have had in our head for who knows how long to create a look that works within your space.  We generally can't find an image of what something will look like as it comes from so many sources and really is unique to the room and what mood and feel we want the room to have.  


Nicole and her team love layering new pieces with what clients already have, reframing art to give it a new life or elevating something that was cast aside to art by framing it, as well as using local and vintage sources ​to reduce the environmental impact of a redesign. 

We believe that your home should be a reflection of your personal style and finding that first is key!  While we can't say that "we never source a trendy piece" (ahem, we do love rattan right now...), we do design so that your house will look and feel timeless instead of designed in x year. Our projects generally have a modern feel with a penchant for colorful choices and always with a focus on comfort and function. Each project has unique parameters that we love solving for — an oddly-shaped room, an inherited piano, four kids, two dogs… you get the idea!