We do four things very well.

1. Create a design plan for your room, or entire home.

2. Implement said design plan. 

3. Consult on an hourly basis for specific updates you'd like to make.

4. Guide you through selections and decisions for a renovation or new build.  

We also like to be transparent about our design fees.  As a former lawyer, doing bills at the end of the month that were surprising to our clients wasn't a fun part of my job.  I've tried to change that here with my own business. 

For the design plans, we charge a flat fee per room.  To get started for a design plan, we meet for a complimentary 45-minute meeting and then provide you with a proposal that lists out the items you need and a range of costs for those items.  The design plan deliverable is one plan in the form of a binder with all details you need and provides for a set amount of hours for edits.  Design plan fees are as follows:

  • Separate Living Room - $5,000

  • Separate Dining Room - $3,750

  • Open Plan Living/Dining - $6,000

  • Kitchen Lite - $4,000

  • Full Bathroom - $4,000

  • Powder Room - $1,750

  • Home Office - $3,750

  • Basement - $4,000

  • Master Bedroom - $5,000

  • Nursery - $3,750

  • Kid's Bedroom - $4,000

  • Add-On Spaces - $1,500 

For the implementation of the design plan, we do this on an hourly basis at $250/hour.  We provide an estimate of this in our proposal based on the scope of work for the space and other things like location, etc. that affect the logistics of implementation.  We are happy to divvy up this with you to help you save costs or to handle the whole thing for you and make it all magically appear (joking, it doesn't really magically appear -- this is the hard part!).  We work with you on a timeline and a realistic installation schedule.  We don't do all the installation at once -- instead over a set amount of weeks with any labor happening first, then deliveries, then styling and the final touches.  We provide weekly status updates. 

For hourly consultations or guiding you through a home renovation or new build, we work on an hourly basis.  We start with a first consultation to gauge a sense of what you need and to provide as specific of advise as we can.  We then map out the best way to help you.  This could just be sourcing a few items for you, or creating a Pinterest board to work from, or creating a full Design Guide for us to work from to make your dreams come true.


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