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our philosophy

We believe that design elevates life. Our mission is to create spaces that feel timeless, effortless, and magical. We embrace the tension and balance of comfortable and modern, warm and cool, and unstructured and organized. Our approach involves layering old and new elements, finding whimsy in the mundane, and utilizing local and vintage sources to produce intentional and eclectic designs. We thrive on clients who trust us to curate spaces that reflect their lifestyles and aesthetic aspirations. 

Design is a multifaceted process that encompasses art, science, and budget considerations. We guide you through this journey, facilitating smart choices, and providing support to alleviate your stress. Our role extends beyond mere execution; we challenge you aesthetically and encourage you to strive for the extraordinary. 


our services

full service design

Embark on a comprehensive design journey with us, where we take full responsibility for designing and implementing your project. From individual rooms to entire homes, renovations, or additions, we partner with architects, builders, tradespeople, and vendors to deliver completed interiors that exceed expectations.


design consultation

Engage in focused, hands-on collaboration with Nicole during our Design Consultations. Typically offered in 2-hour sessions in your home ($525/hour), these consultations provide flexibility and focus when your needs, scope, or budget require a more discrete engagement. Topics can range from selecting paint or wallpaper to redesigning room layouts and selecting new pieces.

our process

Our process begins with a simple step: Tell us about your project and submit a project inquiry. We'll schedule a brief, 15-minute call to get to know each other and understand your goals. Following that, we'll arrange a hands-on visit to walk through your space, confirm the appropriate approach (Full Service Design or Design Consultation), and further define the proposed scope, timeline, and other details.

The subsequent steps and deliverables will vary based on the specifics of your project and your unique needs.

Ready to transform your space? Get started by submitting a project inquiry today.

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