When designing a full room from scratch (or mostly from scratch while incorporating a couple of treasured pieces), we work on a flat fee basis for the design portion of the process, and an hourly implementation fee for the installation portion. This allows us to design everything to work with each other and to show you a cohesive and detailed plan.  Most importantly, it best helps our clients visualize how it all works together, instead of selecting piece-by-piece. We incorporate the function of the room, your style, your budget and unexpected elements that you wouldn't have thought of to bring a bit of magic to each space. Please complete the project inquiry form below to inquire about working with us.


We help you select the finishes and materials for your Kitchen and Bathroom projects.  Clients come to us for these projects for a unique look or creative solution to bring that magical element to these spaces. We work with architect, contractor and millwork teams to then implement the selections. This work is generally done on an hourly basis. Please complete the project inquiry form below to work with us.


The Flat Fee Design Plan can be implemented on your own or by our team.  If you'd like our team to take care of the ordering, emails, deliveries and overall coordination to see the plan come to life, we provide an estimate of this in our Flat Fee Design Plan proposal based on the scope of work for the space and other things like location, etc. that affect the logistics of implementation.  It works best when we can handle the implementation (some things are best not seen!) and make it all magically appear, but we are happy to share the work with you to help you stay within your budget. We work with you on a timeline and a realistic installation schedule.  We don't do all the installation at once -- instead over a set amount of weeks with any labor happening first, then deliveries, then styling and the final touches.  We caveat that things will go wrong, but that we problem solve with our trusted vendors.  We provide weekly status updates.  And, we revel in how good the final work products feels!  There is nothing like seeing a room come to life!


Instead of going store-to-store, book a consultation in our design studio to review our library of materials that cross multiple brands and styles.  Bring photos of your project and review our edited selection of tile, flooring, paint, fabric and wallpaper with us. We will send you home with a package of samples, concrete ideas and a list of action items and vendor contact (and trade discount) info where applicable for you to take for your project.  Email us to set up your consultation.  We are getting set up to do these consultations virtually.


Our clients come to us when they are overwhelmed with all of the decisions they need to make during these projects.  We generally work behind-the-scenes and help you make the product and design decisions that best reflect your style, way of life and are within the parameters set forth for the project.  We are happy to be another set of eyes during this, generally, overwhelming but exciting process.  This work is generally done on an hourly basis. Please complete the project inquiry form below to work with us.


While we love to design a whole room or home and see it come to life, we also really love just helping our clients get unstuck and reinspired with respect to design decisions for their home. An hour or two of our virtual or on site help and recommendations can go a long way! We can also help on an hourly basis with the implementation of these recommendations -- being there for window treatment measure and installation, trying out rugs in person, hanging art or a gallery wall.

All hourly consultations on site, in studio or via phone or video are $250 per hour for meeting and follow-up time. They may be booked by emailing nicole@nicolelanteri.com.  Both Nicole and Katharine generally come to all consultations and are both involved in all aspects of implementation.  The hourly rate is a "team rate" and covers their time working together as a team. Please go ahead and complete the project inquiry form below to work with us!  We look forward to hearing from you - let the magic begin!


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