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Design Plan

Design Plans for Living Spaces + Bedrooms  

When we design a full room from scratch (or mostly from scratch while incorporating a couple of treasured pieces), we work on a flat fee basis for the design portion of the process + an hourly implementation fee for the installation portion.

This approach:

  • allows us to create a cohesive and detailed plan, 

  • helps you visualize how it all works together, and

  • makes the design process more efficient and productive because we don't get stuck selecting piece-by-piece.

We incorporate the function of the room, your style, your budget, and some unexpected elements to bring a bit of magic to each space.  We leave space for editing and incorporating your feedback after you see the room as a whole, instead of individual pieces.  We do take our time to be really thoughtful in the selections, which may seem slow to some, but designing and getting to the best decision takes time.

Design Plans for Kitchen + Bathrooms 

We design a plan for your kitchen or bath that incorporates all the finishes and materials -- from shower hardware to bath towels, from cabinet color to dishware even -- to create a personalized look and feel. We think through creative solutions to make these hardworking spaces function just right for you and look beautiful. We love to find unique solutions for these spaces to make them feel really personalized. 

But First, a Design Consultation and Questionnaire

The Design Plan concept is meant to make decision-making for many pieces, possibly across many rooms, easier in the sense that you see a whole plan, instead of piece-by-piece.  In order to do this, we need to do slow down our excitement to get started designing and do some upfront work together to make sure we (and you!) know your style, understand the parameters of your home, and have a better read on your response to actual pieces.  To do this, we start with a Design Consultation, and then move to the Design Plan phase. Sometimes, we find that staying on the consulting path is better for how you work, and then other times we can be set on the Design Plan path, make a few tweaks off of your feedback, and then move to Implementation -- meeting our goal of a streamlined and calm process with inspired design results! We'll send you a questionnaire to complete before our consultation.  

Implementation of Design Plans 

We provide you with an estimate for implementation that takes into account the scope of work, as well as location and access restrictions that affect logistics.  This is billed at an hourly team rate.   

We are thoughtful about creating realistic installation schedules, which means it doesn't happen all at once. Depending on the scope of work, it can take a few weeks to a few months to:

  • complete labor first, including most electrical or painting work.

  • receive deliveries next to prevent your new items from getting accidentally damaged.

  • lastly, style the space and bring it to life.

The Imperfect Art of Design and Implementation

We can't promise perfection -- in this line of work it's nearly impossible!  We can promise that we will find a solution though.  We always try to maintain our sense of humor and believe that with kindness and patience we can achieve a successful project no matter what bumps come up along the way.  

We are great at managing multiple projects as a team -- but we are not multi-taskers!  Meaning, when we are focused on your project, we are laser focused to get to the right answer for you; then, we need to shift to another project to home in on the right result for that project. We may also be in meetings all day, driving between client sites or simply, thinking, drafting or designing -- we will respond to you with the right answer as soon as we can.  


We are booking for Design Plan and Implementation projects to start with a first introductory meeting in mid-October 2021.  If we are the right fit as the designer for you and your project, we'd then work on the Design Plan in November/December 2021 and move to Implementation in January/February 2022. Please email if you are interested in working with us.  We look forward to hearing from you.   

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