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These are projects where we were trusted to design and install the entire home creating a cohesive look and feel, and having fun along the way.  Enjoy taking a look at our work in a different way, as you move from room to room in each of these wonderful homes with families who are dear to us.

Capitol Hill Rowhouse

Oh, how we love how select pieces of furnishings and art layer against gorgeous textures of wallpaper, stone and lighting in this DC townhome of our dear clients and friends!  Rich layers were created with a custom Trey Jones walnut and brass table in the kitchen, a Ryan McCoy commissioned piece in the dining room, the Jaime Hayon double chaise velvet sofa and vintage Lady armchairs reupholstered in Knoll mohair fabric.  

Photography by Stacy Zarin Goldberg.

Cleveland Park Rowhouse

We were brought in to select finishes after the demo had already started on this project!  The goal was to make the jumble of rooms make more sense for how this family lived cooking, entertaining and enjoying seeing their neighbors on the front stoop and back deck.  

We made every material selection work hard and incorporated color and pattern into each choice.

The result is a harmonious space, with a flow and ease to it.

Photography by Jennifer Hughes.

Capitol Hill Victorian

Our clients wanted to save the character that was in the home, but just make it feel more modern and a little younger.  Our big moves involved paint and light we replaced the creamy shades on the walls with brighter whites, added stronger colors upstairs in the kids' rooms and went dark in the dining room to create a chic, moody space, proving our often recited mantra of "the power of paint."  Replacing the 90's light fixtures with a mix of different-shaped Nelson pendants brought cohesion to the smaller set of rooms on the first floor.  Upstairs we riffed on the original fireplace mantel, painting it black and adding a suite of bookshelves for their collection of books, and included a place to hide the TV.  

Photography by Jenn Verrier.

Published in Washingtonian, September 2019.

Arlington New Build


This is our dream type of new build project – one where we are able to add the character, color, texture, pattern and fun to a space while it is being built.  

We had worked with our clients on their first home that they literally outgrew – their boys' friends were too tall for the basement hang-out area!  We brought over several pieces from their first home and integrated modern lighting, whimsical wallpaper and timeless, well-made furnishings to make the space feel ready to live in.

Photography by Stacy Zarin Goldberg.

Arlington Ridge Cape

This house was one of our favorite homes to date, as we’ve been able to push the envelope on several occasions.  Painting the dining room black was an early move and a sign of our clients' trust, and highlights their treasured Nakashima table and chairs.  We also played with the layout in the long, narrow living room to create a cohesive space and one that can be changed around for parties and holidays, and just for fun! 


Photography by Angie Seckinger.

Published in Arlington Magazine, September 2013

Bethesda Contemporary colonial

You should see the before photos!  It was Game of Thrones meets the 70's.  But it did have great bones, and we had a vision to take it back to a light contemporary space with elegant cosmetic changes.  We took up the carpet and tile installed on an angle (major 'design crime;' only okay if black & white Parisian-inspired tiles) in the kitchen and replaced it all with this lovely Swedish wood flooring.  The fireplace wall is a walnut veneer with a custom cabinet to hide the TV.  In the kitchen, we removed the bulky cabinet wall and let their fun art and creative kids take over that space to make it feel lighter.  The cabinets we kept and simply painted white, with the bar area a contrasting black.  Fun wallpaper, a stunning chandelier and a built-in hairpin window bench (with pillows made out of our clients' silk materials) added just the right amount of color and contrast to the first floor.

Photography by Angie Seckinger.

Capitol Hill Rowhouse

We love to get our hands on an open floor plan and a flipped house that just isn't working for anyone, and make it much more functional for how families actually live -- without adding on more square feet!  We gutted the Kitchen and Bathrooms without moving any walls, changed the whole color palette in the house to feel more fresh and (ironically) open, made the entryway more functional, and got all new furniture. 


Update:  We've since made their backyard and screened in porch so much better too!  Pictures to come! ​

Photography by Reema Desai.

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